Frequently Asked Questions

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Pre-Sale Questions

Can I use my Klean Kanteen for hot drink?

Only the Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated range is designed for hot liquids.

Will my Klean Kanteen keep drinks hot?

Only the Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated range is designed for hot liquids and is insulated to keep drinks hot or cold.

What is the difference between stainless steel and aluminium bottles?

Food grade stainless steel does not leach or impart flavours and is safe to drink from without a lining while aluminium can leach harmful substances that can cause various health disorders, so in order to be safe in a drink bottle, aluminium must be lined. The most common materials used to line aluminium bottles are plastic resins or baked-on epoxy, which can themselves leach chemicals and also have a tendency to retain flavours, and disintegrate over time.

Will my stainless steel bottle make my drinks taste metallic?

No, they will not impart or retain flavours of any type.

Can I fill my stainless steel bottle with acidic juices?

Yes, both of the product lines we sell are fine to use with juice.

Can I fill my stainless steel bottle with alcohol?

Yes, both of the product lines we sell are suitable to store or carry wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages. In fact some customers use the larger sizes for brewing beer.

Is it safe to store milk, breast milk or formula for my baby in my stainless steel drink bottle?

Both of the product lines we sell are entirely safe as they are made of food-grade stainless steel which dairy farms also use.

Klean Kanteen: My Sport Cap 2.0 is noisy to drink from. How can I make it quieter?

Sports caps were originally designed for squeezable plastic bottles. However, because you cannot squeeze stainless steel, the design had to be adjusted so air could re-enter the bottle as you drink. The little white dot on the top of the Sport Cap 2.0 is a leak-resistant silicone valve, which allows air back into the bottle so water can flow out. The noise that you hear is air moving through the valve.

However, if your Sport Cap 2.0 is making a very loud chirping or whistling noise, the silicone valve may be in the wrong position or may be dirty or clogged.

To fix this, you can remove the valve and clean it, but it’s very difficult to put back so instead, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the inside of the cap with a bottle brush and warm, soapy water, also pushing the little silicone nub on the top of the cap to the side and cleaning around it. You can also rotate the valve to make sure it’s positioned correctly. Another trick is to loosen the cap just a tiny bit, while ensuring that it’s still tight enough to keep the bottle from leaking. The silicone vent will work better if the cap is not over-tightened.

Does the coloured paint on a Klean Kanteen contain lead?

No it is completely non-toxic and safe.

Can I use my ECOtanka for hot drinks?

Only the Polar Tanka is designed for hot liquids. The other ECOtankas are not designed for hot drinks and are NOT insulated so they would become very hot to touch. Neither would they keep your drink hot.

Payment & Shipping

Do you ship outside of New Zealand?

Yes, just email us directly for a shipping quote.

What are your shipping costs within New Zealand?

There are two shipping choices which will appear at checkout: $7.00 across New Zealand and $3.50 as a courtesy for ordering for up to three smaller items like lids and smaller kooler covers (Up to Sport/ 800ml size).  Please note that if the $3.50 option is chosen for orders including lunchware and bottles, there may be delays in sending your order and we may ask for additional postage.

Please see our Payment & Shipping information page for further details.

Can I pick up my order?

We are currently an online only retail shop so we do not generally allow pick ups. If you urgently require a product because you are heading out of town – overseas, etc, ask us and we’ll see what we can do.

Do you have a bricks & mortar retail shop where I can go to physically view / handle and choose products before I purchase them?

Currently we are an online only retail shop.  We are not set up for customers to come and browse products.  You will need to purchase online.  If you would like a closer look at a certain product, you may consider doing a Google Search and checking out product videos on YouTube.  These can often give you a feel for what a product is about, sizing and how it is used.