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Bumkins Wet Bag – Watercolour


Bumkins Wet Bag – Watercolour


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Bumkins Wet – Watercolour

Bumkins Wet Bags offer one waterproof compartment for on-the-go storage of items like dirty clothes, messy nappies, kids wet togs or travel items. They sport a convenient snap handle for ease of hanging or carrying while their zipper closure helps keep items safely inside.  Bumkin’s  unique water-proof fabric keeps stains and odours out.

These are fantastic for storing kids swimming togs & towels.

Dimensions: 35.5 cm Width x 30.5 cm Length
Colour Choice: Watercolour Pattern


  • Made from Bumkin’s signature 100% waterproof polyester fabric
  • Easy-wipe; single ply (one cloth layer)
  • Non-toxic and non-leaching
  • Water-proof
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Zipper closure and snap handle
  • Heat sealed seams
  • ONE compartment for wet (OR dry); great for cloth diapering or carrying dirty clothes or wet swimwear.
  • Machine wash, hang dry
  • Reusable