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Try the ECOtanka 2 litre with the NEW spout lid

Looking for a really large size safe, BPA-free drink bottle with a decent sports sipper or spout lid? 

Try the large size ECOtanka 2 litre stainless steel drink bottle.  It’s BPA-free, will not leach chemicals, does not impart flavours and is reasonably lightweight and durable.  It can also be used to store milk or even brew beer.  It’s great for long car trips, boat trips, camping, etc.

And now there is a new spout top sipper lid designed to fit the ECOtanka 2 litre’s wide mouth.  It has a dust cover that clips down and a carry handle.  It’s also made from non-leaching BPA free polypropylene #5.  So now you can drink easily straight from the bottle or pour more precisely into a glass using the new sipper spout lid.

It’s that much easier to stay safely hydrated!

Stainless Steel 2 Liter Drink Botte

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