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Why Choose Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

While breastfeeding is by far the best for babies, situations can arise like infant or mother health issues or financial obligations requiring parents to work  which can mean that baby bottles may need to be used from time to time or solely.   So, with so many baby bottle options out there, what will you choose?  What is safe, convenient and practical?

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Baby Bottle 

One great option is the new Klean Kanteen stainless steel baby bottle which comes in a 9 ounce (266ml) size and a small 5 ounce (148ml) size which is suitable for newborns.

With health and safety in mind, the bottles are made from high quality BPA-free stainless steel which does not impart or retain flavours – not even a metallic taste – and is safe for liquids like breast milk.  They are also free of phthalates and other toxins.

Convenience is intrinsic to their design. The contoured hourglass shape makes them easy for little hands to hold.  The measurements which are in mls and ounces are both inside and outside for easy measuring.  Their wide mouth is designed for easy pouring, filling and cleaning.  They can be sterilised and are also dishwasher safe in the top rack.  And the stainless steel makes them quick to warm up for baby. Not to mention that they are tough and won’t break if dropped or thrown by an older baby or young toddler.

Additionally, the medical grade silicone nipples are more than 4cms in diameter at the base and have a variable thicknesses so they feels more like a mommy’s breast and even adjust as baby nurses to ensure proper placement in the mouth and promote correct oral development and healthy teeth.  A double venting system built into the nipple also aids healthy digestion and reduces colic.

These are Klean Kanteen baby bottles are therefore ideal for both a nursing mother who expresses and a baby that needs to be bottle-fed. So while looking at all the options out there, why not take a closer look at the new Klean Kanteen stainless steel baby bottles?!

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