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Why stainless steel

Safe. Durable. Reusable and recyclable. Not only do LunchBots stainless steel food containers meet these high standards, they also simply look great, make lunch more fun, and food more appetizing.

Durable enough to last a lifetime

More practical and lightweight than breakable glass, stainless steel is virtually indestructible. That means your LunchBots food containers will last and last.

Safest material for food storage

Recent disturbing news about toxic chemicals—such as BPA and phthalates—leaching into food stored in plastic is a good reason to search for alternative materials for packing lunches.

100% reusable, 100% recyclable

You care about leaving your children—and their children’s children—a clean, safe planet. Plastic baggies are neither easily reusable nor biodegradable, and only a small percentage of plastic containers are ever actually recycled.