Here at, we seek out the best quality lunchware and drinkware from around the globe in stainless steel, glass, cotton, silicone, sustainable rice husk and bamboo, and other safe and eco-friendly materials.  So whether, it’s S’well, Klean Kanteen, Hydro Flask, Honeywrap, U-Konserve, ECOtanka or Eva Solo, we market only GENUINE brands – the real deal.  Nothing else.

Our website, is the product of a small business, NOT a large corporation. Your orders are handpicked and individually serviced. While this means personalized service, it can also mean that sometimes it may take us a little longer to answer an email or get an order out to you, but we’ll do our best.  You can help us, by leaving notes on your orders if you need them by a certain date (for gifts or travel, especially).

We box and bag orders using only recycled materials from cereal boxes to print paper wrapping. So, if you find plastic or bubble wrap in your order packaging materials, it’s only because we reuse whatever comes our way.  And you are certainly welcome to reuse packaging bits again. If you are trying to avoid plastic just let us know and we’ll do our best to ensure your order is sans plastic.    Please note, though, that as we are not a manufacturer, we do not have a hand in designing products or product packaging so if you have any concerns when you receive an item, let us know and we’ll happily pass feedback onto the brand or feel free to contact them directly.

So why choose  We focus on the family and the environment while offering individualised customer service.  And we have one of the largest selections of stainless steel and glass water bottles on offer in New Zealand.  Come take a look.

Whether a small town on our gorgeous South Island, or a big city suburb, we’ll save you time looking around and give you access to some really cool, safe, reusable brands.