Bpa-Free Baby-Toxic Bisphenol A

Bpa-Free Baby THE TRUTH ABOUT BPA: • More than 200 scientific studies show that BPA is harmful to our children’s health.• Nine states, including Washington and New York, have already banned BPA from food and beverage containers used by children.• It is possible—and cost-effective—to make BPA-free alternatives. WHY CHILDREN NEED PROTECTIONBPA AFFECTS THEIR DEVELOPMENT—AND CAN […]

How BPA Can Harm My Family

• BPA CAN DISRUPT HORMONAL SYSTEMS BPA mimics natural estrogen in the body, which alters normal hormonal function, increasing the risk of breast cancer, early puberty, and low sperm count. • BPA IS LINKED TO HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, AND LIVER ABNORMALITIES People with higher levels of BPA had higher rates of these chronic diseases, according […]