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Some brands offer plastic free lid options for their stainless steel bottles which enable you to have an entirely plastic-free bottle. Among them, ECOtankas are plastic-free when ordered with a stainless or bamboo flat lid. The Klean Kanteen Classic range is plastic-free when used with an all stainless loop lid or Bamboo Unibody lid.

Drink Bottles 470-570ml

Klean Kanteen Sea Crest 532 ml


Drink Bottles 800ml

Klean Kanteen Lemon Curry 800ml


Drink Bottles 800ml

ECOtanka Thermo Tanka 800ml


Drink Bottles 600ml

ECOtanka Mini Tanka Pink 600ml


Drink Bottles 1.2-1.5 Litre

ECOtanka Supa Tanka 1.2 Litre


Drink Bottles 1 Litre

ECOtanka Trekka Tanka 1 Litre