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Lifefactory Glass Bottle Straw-Top 355ml – Black

$38.95 $33.95

Lifefactory Glass Bottle
Lifefactory Glass Bottle Black Top 355ml

Lifefactory Glass Bottle Straw-Top 355ml – Black

$38.95 $33.95

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Lifefactory  Glass Bottle – Black Straw-Top 355ml

The Lifefactory 355ml glass water drink bottle, with its convenient straw-top lid, is an awesome size for both active kids and adults. The straw-top lid ensures that drinks can be easily accessed without spillage even on the sports field or treadmill.

This size also fits neatly into handbags, backpacks and even most car cupholders. And because it’s small, it’s also lighter weight for carrying around than the larger size glass bottles.

Enclosed in an attractively coloured silicone sleeve which helps prevent breakage if dropped and aids gripping while holding, these glass bottles are great for cold drinks from juices to smoothies, water or milk. And they ensure a pure taste – no metallic or plastic tint to your drinks. This is a very practical bottle and makes an awesome gift!

PLEASE NOTE: The regular Lifefactory Straw-top lid will only work at a specific angle which can make it difficult for toddlers and younger children to use.

Capacity: 355 ml
Height: 18.2 cm
Width: 6 cm
Mouth diameter: 47 mm
Weight: 300g (w/o cap)

Colour Choice: Comes in several vibrant colours.

Lid Choice: Comes with Matching BPA-free Plastic straw-top Lid with silicone straw. Flip-top lids and loop lids available separately under accessories.


  • 355ml capacity
  • With Silicone Straw attached lid for easy drinking while having fun at sports, exercise or on the run (literally!)
  • Upright, spillproof sipping (no tipping required)
  • Free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, polycarbonate, lead and latex
  • Bottle made of clear soda lime glass
  • Includes non-slip, non-toxic, plastic-free raised-grip oval Silicone sleeve to help prevent breakage
  • Pure taste with no leaching from plastics or metals
  • Wide mouth for adding ice, citrus slices, etc easily
  • Silicone sleeve can be removed if desired in warm soapy water
  • Comes in several vibrant colours
  • Will also fit Lifefactory’s 650ml and 473ml flip-top lids and loop lids so lid colours can be mixed and matched
  • All other parts made in either Europe or the USA
  • Easy to clean – bottle and sleeve can be put together in dishwasher; Lid on top rack with spout in open position and straw removed
  • Reusable and recyclable

CARE: Hand wash with warm soapy water OR bottle and sleeve can be put together in dishwasher; Lid on top rack (Place spout in open position and remove straw)


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