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Phytoncide Fresh Bags 10pk

$11.95 $9.95


Phytoncide Fresh Bags 10pk

$11.95 $9.95

Phytoncide Fresh Bags

Phtoncide Freshness Control Bags keep food fresher for longer from fruits and vegetables to meats. They are made from natural biodegradable materials and contain natural phytoncides which are compounds found in plants and trees that inhibit the growth of bacteria and moulds.   Another alternative to regular plastic food storage, these bags are fully biodegradable and are free from BPA, Endocrines, Phthalates, PBDE, PCB and Dioxin.

Dimensions for each bag: 40cm x 30cm

Includes: 10 x Bags


  • Keeps food fresher longer – prevents oxidation of fruit, vegetables, poultry, meat and sea foods
  • Prevents mould growth
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Made from natural alkali based compounds
  • Contain natural compounds (phytoncides) found in plants and trees that prevent growth of bacteria
  • Free of BPA, Endocrines,Phthalates, PBDE, PCB and Dioxin
  • Eco-friendly and Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Reusable
  • NOT microwave safe
  • Tested for food safety
  • Made in Korea


  • Dry contents thoroughly before placing in bag.
  • Wipe out any moisture in bag during storage that may be produced by fruits or vegetables.
  • Used one bag for each type of food (e.g. apples and oranges in separate bags)
  • Not intended for use in microwave

NOTE: Efficiency can vary depending on the type of food item, temperature, humidity and other environmental factors.