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Zoku Glass Core Active Bottle 355ml – Red

$54.95 $34.95


Zoku Glass Core Active Bottle 355ml – Red

$54.95 $34.95

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Zoku Glass Core Active Bottle 355ml – Red

Zoku’s double-wall suspended Glass Core Bottles say it all: health, style, and durability.  They can take hot and cold drinks in pure borosilicate glass. The glass, thread-free mouthpiece won’t hold flavors so you are free to switch between drink types. Strong triangular tessellated silicone pads help protect the bottle from bumps and drops, while the 1/4-turn locking cap system removes the danger of a spill because it’s leak-proof.  Take your bottle everywhere without worry!   AND best of all, though it sports a polymer outer shell on bottle and lid, a silicone gasket seal covers the bottle mouth so plastic doesn’t touch your drink.

The 355ml size is ideal for kids or tossing into smaller spaces like a handbag.

Capacity: 355ml
Height: 21cm including lid
Diameter: 7.7ccm
Mouth diameter: 50 mm

Colour Choice: Grey with coloured carry cord

Lid Choice: Comes with matching leak-proof 1/4-turn locking cap


  • 355ml capacity
  • Double-wall
  • Suspended borosilicate glass core
  • Glass inner with protective polymer (plastic) shell outer
  • Silicone suspension rings top and bottom to help protect bottle
  • Thread-free glass mouthpiece
  • Leak-proof 1/4-turn locking cap system
  • Soft-textured rope handle
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • For Hot and Cold liquids
  • Plastic doesn’t touch your drink – only glass and silicone

Product Care: To clean your bottle, Clean by hand with a bottle brush and warm soap and water. Do not use dishwasher. Leave cap off when storing to completely dry the glass inside.

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