Organic and GE-Free – What does it mean?

Ge Free nz
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With all the publicity about organic food Рis it better for you? And Genetic Engineering  [GE] Рis it bad for us and the planet? Рit is often very confusing identifying what we are really getting in our food.

Certified organic foods are grown with traditional techniques of natural fertilizers, few or no sprays and using various pest and weed control techniques that do not harm the ecosystem or leave residues in the food crop or the soil.
While the jury is still out on whether organic foods have any more nutritional value than foods which are grown using the usual modern system of intensive technological and chemical intervention – the fact remains that organic foods do not contain harbor spray and chemical residues which the other kinds of foods often do.
Genetic Engineering [GE] is a process whereby certain multi-national companies have attempted to capture the whole planetary production of certain popular crop plants and patent them. So no one can grow these plants without buying their seeds from the company, or grow them without using the poisonous chemical sprays manufactured by these companies.
GE inserts certain genes or parts of genes which are either artificially created or adapted from another organism into a completely unrelated organism – usually, a food crop but also in labs to create new drugs and animals and plants. For example – frog genes inserted into tomatoes to increase the redness of the tomato. [Yes, astonishing but true]
Many of these GE plants are made into highly refined products: Corn made into sweet corn syrup used in many sweets; Canola plants which are used to make cooking oils; Soybeans which are used in everything from oils and tofu to soy sauce, bread making, chocolate, baby foods… the list goes on and on.
It is impossible for a Genetically Engineered food to be certified organic.
While GE foods may not be harmful in and of themselves when we eat them; more and more evidence is accumulating to show that where these crops are growing the ecosystem is being harmed in unprecedented ways: insects are dying; ‘super weeds’ are growing in the wild; GE crops are cross-pollinating with non-GE crops; soils are being destroyed and polluted by spraying which is now essential in order to grow these crops.
Poverty and malnutrition are also caused in the Third World by many GE crops being grown on land which has traditionally grown dozens of species of foods and which now has a no-nutritional monoculture of plants ‘owned’ by a company based in another country.
My comment is that since my husband and I have been eating only organically grown vegetables delivered by Yummytummy our health has improved markedly. Why not try a regime of eating organic produce only and see what happens to the health of yourself and your family?

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